Trapped in an elevator with Halle Berry…

The storm had come in from the Atlantic and it was showing no signs of Halle Berry.3abating. However, given that I was staying near the top floor of The Plaza hotel in New York City, I wasn’t about to take the stairs. The elevator doors opened with a ping and I caught my breath. I knew that the big names often frequented this hotel – that had been part of the allure in the first place. But here, right now, standing in the elevator and looking at me expectantly, presumably having just come down from the Penthouse on the floors above mine, was Halle Berry.

I swallowed. “Hi,” I said, nodding to her. She was fucking gorgeous.

Halle just raised her eyebrows and looked as if she was thoroughly amused.

Then, with a ping, the elevator doors started closing again.

“Shit,” I realized. I leapt across the threshold and almost bowled right into the movie star in the process. “Sorry,” I said, regaining my balance as the elevator began its descent through the bowls of the building. “Almost missed it there.”

“Yah huh,” Halle agreed. “Nearly missed it.”

Then, abruptly, we were tossed to the floor like rag dolls as the elevator came to a screeching halt and the lights flickered and died. We were plunged into darkness for a moment, before a small, red emergency light in the corner came on.

We held our breath and waited for a second.

Nothing happened.

“Oh, you have got to be kidding me,” Halle cursed, not bothering to get back to her feet. Instead, she turned and sat with her back pressed against the walls.

“What’s happening?” I asked.

“Haven’t you noticed that storm out there?” Halle asked, pointing up at nowhere in particular. “The power’s gone out.”

“Damn,” I said, unsure of what else to say. Honestly, the building could fall over for all I cared, just so long as I was stuck in this elevator with Halle Berry, I wasn’t about to complain.

Doing my best to appear masculine, I got to my feet and tried opening the doors. They didn’t budge an inch. I moved around the inside of the elevator, occasionally prodding and touching things and appearing thoughtful, as if I could find a way out.

“There’s a hatch up there,” Halle commented, pointing.

Sure enough, there was a hatch. “I don’t want to jump in here right now,” I said, looking up at the hatch. It was just beyond my reach. “The elevator might fall or something.”

“Here,” Halle extended her hand and I hauled her to her feet. “Give me a boost.”

“Ah,” I shuffled around a little, trying to figure out how best to lift the movie star. “Here.” I crouched down and she swung her legs across my shoulders. I stood up slowly. “Can you reach it?” I asked.

She didn’t answer, but I heard her open the hatch. The was air was still in the shaft outside the elevator. No sound could be heard. “It’s completely dark out there,” Halle said. “I’m not sure if it’s a good idea to try to climb out.”

“Ok.” I sank to my knees and she clambered off my shoulders. “Well I guess we just have to wait then.”

The realization seemed to hit Halle that she was stuck indefinitely in an elevator with a total stranger and she turned her eyes on me. For a woman that I presumed was surrounded almost 24/7 by a bodyguard, she didn’t appear at all threatened by the situation. In fact, she was very confident. “Is that a British accent I detect?” she asked.

“Ah, pretty close,” I said. Miles off. “I’m from New Zealand.”

“I’ve heard that it’s lovely there,” Halle said.Halle Berry 4

“You’ve been well informed,” I said with a wink.

“You play a strange type of football down there, right?”

“Ah, rugby?” I suggested.

“Yeah,” Halle agreed. “Rugby. That must explain those shoulders of yours.”

My heart rate tripled. Here we were, trapped in an elevator, and Halle Berry had just told me I had nice shoulders. Her intentions were perfectly clear and I decided then and there that I wasn’t about to wait around and risk having the power come back on. I was going to push my chips all in and hope for the best.

“Mmm, you like my shoulders, huh?” I said, smiling and approaching her, trapping her in the corner. She didn’t seem to mind. “There’s plenty more for you to like.”

Halle bumped into the elevator wall, but she was eyeing me up and down with her tongue pressed between her teeth. “Oh, I don’t doubt that,” she breathed.

With that, I put my hands on the wall on either side of her head and kissed her on the lips. Her lips were excruciatingly soft and my cock was instantly rock hard. Illuminated by the soft emergency lighting, Halle pulled my shirt off over my head and pressed her hands against my chest as my hands crept up her shirt and found her bosom. I fondled her boobs, loving how soft and delicate she felt against me. I had her shirt off in a hurry and her bra shortly followed.


Topless and illuminated by the soft red glow of the emergency light, Halle Berry looked positively delicious. I hungered for her and I tugged at her jeans. She kicked her shoes off and stepped out of her jeans so that she was standing before me in just her knickers. I pressed her up against the walls of the elevator and she wrapped her legs around my waist, moaning and thrusting herself against me, seemingly as eager as I was.

Halle unzipped my trousers and tugged them down my legs. I shoved my underwear down after them so that I was standing naked now. I pressed her head down towards my chest, eager to feel her mouth around my dick, but she resisted the pull.

I shrugged inwardly. So, she doesn’t suck dick apparently. I was disappointed, but I wasn’t about to let that spoil the moment. I hoisted her further up the wall instead and put my arms underneath her legs. I kissed the inside of her thighs and rubbed my chin against her pussy. I could feel the wetness seeping through her knickers. I pulled the material aside and licked her pussy. Halle cried out and her hands grabbed at the wall, grasping for something to hold onto as I licked her out. Her hips thrust against me, desperate for more. The woman was crazy!Halle Berry.2

I licked her out for a few minutes; building up the tension and listening to her cries of pleasure as they reached a crescendo.

Fuck,” she gasped as I pulled away and lowered her to the ground. “Don’t stop. I’m so close!”

“My turn,” I said, ripping her knickers off and grabbing her by the hips. I spun her around so that she was facing the wall again and I bent her over in front of me.

“Oh, FUUUUCCCKKK!” Halle screamed as I slid my throbbing hard dick into her dripping wet pussy. “Fuck!”

“Fuck yeah,” I groaned back at her, grabbing her by her hips and thrusting desperately against her. I felt crazed with lust for this woman. She was unbelievably wet. I had never experienced a woman quite so wet before and it felt amazing in the extreme. I slapped her arse and pounded her even harder still, pulling her against me, making sure every last inch of my rock hard cock got inside that incredible, movie-star pussy. I reached around and held her boobs with one hand whilst I tugged at her black hair with the other. Her boobs were bouncing and they felt so unbelievably good.

I was fucking Halle Berry.

I was bending her over in an elevator, pulling her hair, slapping her arse, feeling her boobs and making her scream with pleasure as I fucked her.

The tension was building and I grabbed Halle and lifted her onto me as I lay down on the ground. Now, she was riding me reverse-cowgirl style and she was fucking extraordinary at it. She bounced on my dick and screamed with wild abandon as she slammed herself desperately down onto me; impaling herself on my large dick.

Suddenly, the lights came back on in the elevator and Halle gasped.

“Oh, fuck no!” I growled.

Please tell me this isn’t happening! Not now!

 “Keep going,” I urged. “I’m going to come inside you.”

Halle didn’t need to be told twice. She quickly stood and turned around so that she was facing me and then lowered herself onto my dick once again. Now I could see her face as she screamed in pleasure and her big boobs as she bounced on top of me.

We still had a long way down to go and the elevator seemed to be pretty slow, given that it was an old building. The mounting tension all added to the experience and, before I knew it, I was clutching Halle against me and bucking and groaning as I came inside her tight little pussy. Halle was moaning just as fervently as she too reached a climax and shared the moment of pleasure with me.Halle Berry.1

My dick throbbed inside the movie star but we both knew that the moment couldn’t last much longer.

“Fuck,” Halle groaned and then pushed herself off of me. Hot cum dripped from her pussy as she leapt into her clothes. I followed suit and we got ourselves in order just as the elevator came to a halt and the doors opened.

“Well, it was a pleasure meeting you,” Halle said, winking at me as she exited the elevator doors. “Perhaps I’ll have to visit New Zealand someday.”

A pleasure indeed.

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Jessica Alba!


At the beach with Kate Upton…

The sun was shining overhead and the waves were crashing. It had been a good session out in the waves. I had my own secret headland break with a tiny, secluded beach. It took half an hour to hike to it and there were no paths through the trees. My own little piece of paradise.Kate Upton.1

I caught my final wave and rode it as far in as it could take me. I didn’t even notice her until I was up on the sand with my board under my arm. There was a woman on my beach and she was sunbathing. Evidently, she didn’t much enjoy tan lines, because she was topless. I was a little disgruntled at first. This was supposed to be my little secret! But oh well, what did it really matter? At least there weren’t crowds flocking here. I had to walk past the topless woman to get back into the trees and head back to my car. She had her eyes shut and seemed completely oblivious to my presence. I tried my best to be polite and not look at her as I passed by.

“Oh!” the woman must have noticed me for she suddenly sat bolt upright and covered herself with her hands.

“Don’t mind me,” I said, patting the air reassuringly.

She just sat there and watched me pass by. I had almost walked right past her when the light bulb went off and I came to an abrupt halt. Surely, my eyes must be deceiving me.

“Ah,” I turned awkwardly to face the woman again. Yep, it was definitely her! “You’re not Kate Upton by any chance, are you?” I asked, knowing the answer full well. “The model?”

“Do you want an autograph?” she asked bitingly. “I thought this beach was private.”

I shrugged. “I thought so, too,” I said. “I’ve been coming here for years. First time I’ve ever seen anyone else.”

“No one else knows about it?” Kate asked. “Just you?”Kate Upton.2

“And you, it seems,” I said. “Don’t like tan lines, huh?”

That got a little smile and I saw her relax a little. My heart beat a little faster. I’d been with models before. I knew that I could catch their eye, but Kate Upton? She was another story altogether, surely. Still, I saw her eyes flitting up and down my body and I wondered what she saw. Tall surfer guy with muscles and a tan? I kept in good shape. Just maybe…

Then, Kate relaxed entirely and she let her hands fall away.

I caught my breath. I had seen photos of her in bikini shots and runway shots before, but in reality, her boobs were completely out of this world! Big, perfectly shaped and perky, she was a goddess in the flesh and she was topless in front of me.

“Yep, you’re definitely Kate Upton,” I observed, nodding my approval. “Nice to meet you.” I took a chance and stuck my board in the sand and extended my hand to her. She reached out and took it and I couldn’t stop myself from staring at her bare breasts. Perfection!

We sat in the sun and chatted for a while, listening to the waves and enjoying the feeling of the breeze on our skin and the sand between our toes. She wasn’t shy at all. My eyes continually flicked towards her body.

It wasn’t long before I was pulling her towards me and kissing her.

She rolled on top of me and straddled my lap, with her tits out right in front of my face in all their glory. I ran my fingers up the side of her legs and along the side of her stomach until finally; I felt her boobs in my hands. They were full, firm, soft and they were huge! My cock was rock hard in my board shorts now and Kate rubbed herself against it, still kissing and exploring each other with our hands.

I felt Kate’s hands tugging at the string that tied my shorts. She was clearly wasting no time. She knew what she wanted and she wasn’t shy about it either. Before I even had time to comprehend what was happening, Kate Upton had my cock out of my shorts and deep in the wetness of her mouth.

I groaned with pleasure and stared at the scene. Kate had flicked her long, blonde hair to the side and she was sucking up and down on my cock. Her boobs were touching my legs as she sucked me and I worked my hands down to hold them. Her skin was so soft, and yet her boobs were so big and firm. I squeezed them gently and tried to commit the feeling to memory. I never wanted to forget how good she felt.

Then, Kate kissed her way up my body until she was close enough to whisper in my ear. “I want you to fuck me,” she breathed. “I want you to fuck me now.Kate Upton.3

“One thing, first,” I said, and I rolled her over onto her back. I pulled my shorts off completely so that I was naked, with the sun on my back and the wind reaching all the unusual areas. I knelt over her chest, with my hard dick at the ready. My dick was wet from Kate’s mouth and I worked it in between her boobs. She pushed them together for me and I thrusted between them, delighting in how sexy it looked and how masculine it made me feel to dominate this woman. To fuck her unbelievable boobs whilst she lay on her back on the beach and accommodated me. I slapped my dick against her boobs and then moved up to her mouth and she sucked me again, getting my dick wet with her saliva once more.

I’d fucked her mouth and her boobs. Now, I wanted to fuck Kate Upton’s pussy.

I pulled her bikini bottoms down and then she spread her legs for me and I moved into their embrace. I rubbed my dick against her clit and briefly considered licking her out, but I couldn’t wait any longer and she seemed eager to have my dick inside her. “Fuck me hard,” she urged, looking up at me and holding her boobs in her hands.

I was all too happy to oblige.

I slid my cock into her pussy and we shared a moan of pleasure at the sensation. Her pussy was tight and wet and my big shaft went deep inside of her. I fucked her slowly at first, swaying my hips and watching the expression of need on her face as she arched her back and grabbed at my waist, trying to pull me harder into her. Finally, I obliged her and suddenly slammed into her, making her gasp and her boobs bounce. I couldn’t get enough of that view as I fucked her and her perfect boobs bounced and she moaned in pleasure. She came to orgasm quickly and I felt her hips bucking against me whilst I continued to slide my hard cock in and out of her wet pussy. “Don’t stop,” she groaned, clutching at her own boobs. I pulled out from her and rolled her over on the sand. She rose onto her hands and knees and pressed herself back onto my dick. I knelt there in the sand, not moving, letting Kate work her hips against my hard shaft in doggy style. I reached around and felt her boobs and then pulled her upright whilst still on her knees. Now, I could feel my cock sliding hard up against the front wall of her wet pussy and it felt extraordinary. Holding onto her bouncing boobs, I fucked her from behind.Kate Upton.4

I felt the orgasm building and I wasn’t sure if I could finish inside of her. I pulled out and stood up and Kate got the idea. She turned and opened her mouth for me. I guided my dick into her mouth and fucked her for a few more moments and then I pulled away and, amazingly, I came all over her perfect, big, firm, bouncy boobs. I groaned and my knees went weak. Amazing!

I collapsed into the sand and we lay there for a while, panting and moaning. I glanced over at Kate, with my cum all over her tits, laying there in the sand on our own little private beach. This was what dreams were made of. I was living it.

“Round two, big boy?” Kate asked after a while, grinning sexily.

Fuck yes.

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A night with Emma Watson…

The night air was cold and her skin was luxuriously warm as she pressed herself against me, wrapping her arms around my neck and kissing passionately. I could feel her hot breath as our tongues touched and explored. My heart was pounding in my chest. Could I be so lucky?Emma Watson.2 I had never been a lucky guy before. Was tonight the night for me? Was all of my lifelong karma finally coming through on its promise? Either way, as Emma lifted one leg and wrapped it around my waist, I knew that it was actually happening. Thousands of men and boys around the world would be falling asleep tonight and dreaming about a passionate night with Emma Watson. I would be living it. She was wearing only a skimpy little party dress, despite the cold, along with her black heels and simple jewellery. I could still see her in my mind’s eye, dancing to the latina music that the new club down on Main Street specialized in. I hadn’t even noticed it at first, when I bumped into her. Then, before I knew it, we had made the first, fleeting eye contact and then we were dancing next to each other. Dancing against each other. Now, we were outside in the cold night air and she was running her hands through my hair with her leg wrapped tightly around me. She was hot to trot and I was the man she had chosen. I ran my hand along her leg and marveled at how warm and smooth she felt. She was a truly luxurious young woman. I could feel her breasts pushing against my chest and I had one arm wrapped around her narrow waist, pressing her harder against me. I moved away from her tongue and kissed her neck and her earlobes, breathing against her ear and exploring further down her waist with my hands. Emma moaned in my ear as I touched her. My dick was throbbing inside my pants as I pressed it against her, aching to be inside this gorgeous woman. I had never been so hard. I needed to get her to a room; fast. “Do you live close by?” I breathed in her ear, grabbing her waist and pulling her harder against me. She responded by squeezing her leg harder. She wanted it just as much as I did and I knew that she could feel my bulging manhood pressed against her. Emma shook her head. “My driver will be looking for me soon,” she whispered. That British accent was unbelievably sexy. She had a driver? Uh-oh. That was bad news. My place was a half-hour taxi fare away and there was no guarantee my housemates wouldn’t be home by the time we got there. I pictured our dirty laundry on the floor and my unmade bed, with my x-box controllers still there where I had left them next to the pillows. My place was not the place to take Emma Watson – movie star and goddess in human form. Half an hour was too far. What if her lust petered away by then? What if her driver kicked up a fuss and she decided it wasn’t worth it? No, if this was my only chance to have Emma Watson on my dick, I wasn’t going to take any chances. “What’s wrong with here?” I suggested, still working my hands along her legs and feeling her arse. God, she felt amazing. Emma Watson.3 Emma didn’t even open her eyes to look around. “Wherever,” she moaned, gyrating her hips against me and leaning her head back. I pressed my face into her exposed cleavage and kissed and licked her skin, more eager than ever to have her naked before me. The night air was cold, but our skin was hot to touch and the alcohol was coursing through our veins. Here would be fine. We were in the middle of a park, lit sporadically by old-fashioned street lamps. So far as I could tell, it was vacant, except for us. The sun was only a couple of hours away and most people would be at home sleeping now. I was confident that we wouldn’t be disturbed, although I didn’t really care, either. If the paparazzi caught us, perhaps I would become famous in my own right? The Australian exchange student who fucked Emma Watson in a park. I would’ve laughed at the thought had I not been preoccupied with Emma’s perfect, firm tits. I picked her up and she wrapped her legs around me whilst I carried her further onto the grass. There was a bench seat nearby, but the grass looked far more inviting. I lowered her gently onto the grass and lay on top of her, thrusting incessantly and grinding myself against her pussy. She moaned and closed her eyes again. The look of pleasure on her face almost had me cumming already. She didn’t seem to mind the grass. Green light. I pulled the straps down off her shoulders and almost snapped her bra in my eagerness to get her tits out as I undid it and pulled all the straps off her arms. Her boobs were bared in front of me and my hands were there in an instant, feeling them and delighting in how soft and delicate and warm she was. Emma was incredibly feminine. I wanted more. I reached up her dress and had her knickers down and off her feet. Now, her pussy was exposed and her legs were spread wide open for me. I kissed and licked down the inside of her thigh and Emma’s breathing quickened as I drew closer and closer. Finally, I licked her pussy and worked my tongue around her clit. Emma groaned, almost so loud as to worry me that someone nearby might hear her. She arched her back and I felt her fingers running through my hair. I continued to lick her pussy. Suddenly, Emma had her legs across my back and, before I knew it, she had rolled me over and was sitting on my chest. Was that some kind of celebrity martial arts move? How did she do that? I could feel her wet pussy, dripping wet and touching my shirt. Evidently, she didn’t mind returning the star treatment. She smiled at me and then came close and kissed my neck. She worked her hands up the front of my shirt and pulled it over my head. Then, smiling tantalizingly at me and even giggling occasionally, she kissed her way down my front whilst her hands tugged at my waist band and worked my fly. The cold air touched my dick and I gasped as she pulled it free and pushed my pants further down my legs. She didn’t stop at my navel, kissing and licking until; finally, Emma Watson flicked her hair back, held my dick firmly in her hand and guided it into the warmth and perfect wetness of her mouth.Emma I couldn’t prevent the voice from screaming in my head. Emma Watson is sucking my dick! And wow, she had obviously done this before. She sucked me beautifully, flicking her big brown eyes up to me every so often to see how her work was being received. I held her by her hair and lay my head back in the grass, enjoying the moment. After a few moments, Emma was straddling me again, with her knees on the grass. She smiled and giggled at me a little nervously as she felt for my dick. Obviously, she wasn’t concerned about wearing a condom. She held my dick upright and, slowly, with a look of feminine pleasure on her face, Emma lowered herself onto my dick. She squealed slightly as I entered her fully and I couldn’t help but gasp. “Godddd,” Emma groaned. Her mouth had felt amazing wrapped around my dick, but her pussy was even better. She was truly a goddess. She was unbelievably tight, warm and wet and she got straight into it, working her hips and riding my cock, right there on the grass in the middle of the park. The view from my perspective was the stuff of dreams. Emma Watson was gasping with each thrust and her hair and boobs were bouncing in front of my face. I decided to assert my authority and I rolled her back over. I wanted to dominate this woman. This beauty. With her soft legs wrapped around me and still wearing her heels, I fucked her hard, watching her boobs bouncing and feeling her body moving under me. She moaned even louder now and put her hands up to cover her own mouth. I was slamming her and she was loving it. Emma Watson.4 I pulled one of her legs across and had her on her hands and knees in front of me. I took a moment to relish the view and take photos with my mind. Emma Watson was on her hands and knees in front of me and her body looked just breath-taking in its perfection. I grabbed her hips and maneuvered my dick into her tight pussy again. I pulled her hair and slapped her arse and fucked her hard and she moaned and squealed until finally, I pulled out and finished on her back. I groaned as I came on her. My knees went weak from the power of the orgasm. I could think of nothing else but the beauty that was Emma Watson laid out in front of me, taking my cum on her back like a good girl. “Whoa,” I groaned and fell back onto the grass, panting. Emma slumped on the ground next to me and I heard her moaning softly for a while. Then, she rolled over and started squirming awkwardly, cleaning herself on the grass. “You got it everywhere,” she exclaimed, not completely unhappy about that. I could only nod in agreement. I was trying to commit this entire experience to memory. I lay there in the cold night air, whilst Emma’s phone suddenly started ringing. She didn’t answer it, but she got to work on putting her bra and her dress back where they belonged. Suddenly, without so much as a goodbye, Emma Watson was off and walking away, disappearing into the darkness in the direction of the club that we had started at. I watched after her, enjoying the view of her swaying hips and the knowledge that I had just dominated her. I lay there a while longer and stared up at the stars. Slowly, I got around to pulling my pants back up and putting my shirt back on. There was no way anybody would ever believe me when I told them what I had done tonight. That didn’t matter, I decided. This would be a night and a fuck that I would never forget.

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